A comprehensive medication review (CMR) goes well beyond the advice that your pharmacist usually gives when picking up a new prescription. If you have ever wished that you could have an appointment with a healthcare professional who was knowledgeable about your medications and could take the time to fully listen to your health concerns and address them as a whole , then you should consider a CMR.

A CMR involves an appointment time set aside for you and your pharmacist to discuss your medication related issues in a relaxed manner, with no rush, so that both can gain a better understanding of the problem and the solution. You may be asked to bring in your medications, including over-the-counter products, remedies and devices, so that the pharmacist can evaluate your concerns from an all-encompassing standpoint, rather than dealing with each individual issue separately. You will be asked more in-depth questions about your medication routine, lifestyle, and medical conditions. The pharmacist will address the how, when, and why of each of your medications, with the goal of making sure that you are getting the most benefit from of your medications.

Medication related issues can range from specific side effects, to a generally feeling that you take too many medications. Your pharmacist will identify medications that may no longer be needed, may be dosed inappropriately, or may be counteracting other medications. The pharmacist can resolve these issues with your physician, saving you money and improving your health in the process.

A CMR will also leave you with a sense of “having a plan” and having a partner in the world of health care who will work for you to put your plan into action. In many instances, the pharmacist will provide you with a written plan for reference.  For many patients there is a real need to take time to discuss their issues, get the answers that they are looking for, and have an ally in the health care system. A comprehensive medication review with your pharmacist is the best place to start to put these pieces together.

CMR are appointment based and are provided on a fee-for-service model. You will be provided ample time with the pharmacist to ensure that your issues are addressed. A follow-up appointment may be needed, but is included in the price of your initial review. The cost of Comprehensive Medication Reviews are covered by some private insurance plans, and are eligible for income-tax deduction as a medical expense.

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