Consignment Program

Mobility and home health care equipment can be a significant investment. Our equipment consignment program can help you stay mobile for less, and help you recoup some of that investment when equipment is no longer needed.

Equipment Rentals & Installations

Need the equipment for a short period of time? With our rental program you can get the equipment you need at a rental price and have it returned back once done. Also included are our installation charges for equipment requiring them.

Comprehensive Medication Reviews

If you have ever wished that you could have an appointment with a healthcare professional who was knowledgeable about your medications and could take the time to fully listen to your health concerns and address them as a whole , consider a CMR.

Blood Pressure Tracking

High blood pressure can be caused by many factors, such as age, ethnicity and gender. Other factors, such as diet, exercise and smoking can be changed with lifestyle changes to reduce your risk for high blood pressure. It is also important to regularly monitor your blood pressure.

Medication Packaging

We offer a variety of options to help simplify the task of organizing medications, and take the guesswork out of knowing how and when to take the medication correctly.

Prescription Transfers

Are you looking for a new pharmacy? It’s easy to have your prescriptions transferred to Home Health Care Pharmacy.

Injections & Vaccinations

If you need a vaccination or get a medication by injection, your Home Health Care pharmacist can provide the injection conveniently, when you need it.

Medication Disposal

Having extra medications in your medicine cabinet may lead to accidentally taking the wrong medication for the wrong indication. Drop off any outdated or no longer needed medications at Home Health Care Pharmacy

Pharmacists Role

Your Home Health Care pharmacist is an integral part of your healthcare team. We work alongside your doctor, nurse practitioner, psychiatrist, nurse, and dentist in order to ensure you reach your optimal health outcome.