Maintaining a healthy immune system may be more important now ever before. You’re doing your best to eat healthy foods, get enough exercise and sleep, and you’re washing your hands frequently. But what if that is not enough? Could you benefit from vitamins and supplements that strengthen your body’s natural defences? What if there was an easier way to take these supplements?

2 Week Immunity Booster Pack​​​

The Two Week Immunity Booster Pack incorporates important components that your diet may be lacking or getting in only insufficient quantities. Most Canadians don’t get enough Vitamin D, especially in the winter. Do you eat a lot of fermented foods? If not, you could probably benefit from a probiotic supplement to improve the balance of your body’s intestinal flora. Combined with vitamin C and zinc, the components of the Two Week Immunity Booster Pack give your body adequate doses of what it needs to operate a strong defence against viruses, bacteria, and pathogens.

What's in it?

Vitamin C 1000 mg
Encourages the body to produce white blood cells, and protects these cells from damage. This helps the body fight infection.

Vitamin D 1000 IU
Ellicits a strong response from your immune system to immediately kill pathogens, and also regulates the long term memory of your immune system’s response.

Zinc 50 mg
Zinc is a mineral that helps keep the immune system strong. Some studies have shown that zinc may reduce the symptoms of a common cold, and reduce respiratory tract infections in children.

Probiotic 5 billion CFU
Probiotics can boost your immune system and help protect against infections. They may boost certain immune cells and antibodies and could reduce the duration of respiratory infections.

Easy to Manage Packaging

The Two Week Immunity Booster Pack comes in a conveniently packaged strip pack format, which lets you grab a pack in the morning and have it with you to take during your day. You can avoid filling your medicine cabinet with multiple bulky vitamin bottles, and you don’t need to commit to large amounts of tablets.

14 individually packaged daily doses just $11.99

Taking supplements may be a new habit for many people, and the key to new habits is to start with something small and achievable which puts you on the right path. Give the Two Week Immunity Booster Pack a try, and see how you feel in two weeks. Give your immune system exactly what it needs to keep you protected this season.

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