A good lift and recline chair can provide a comfortable place to sit, relax, read, or even take a nap. For individuals experiencing mobility issues due to joint pain, weakness or other conditions, a lift and recline chair can allow you to go from sitting to standing gradually, safely, and comfortably without assistance. Home Health Care Pharmacy is proud to offer lift and recline chairs by Pride Mobility and Golden Technologies in a number of sizes, styles and colours.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Lift & Recline Chair

Here are five points to consider when shopping for a lift chair.

Number of Positions

    • Infinite position models have two motors to let the footrest move independent of the back portion. Those who want to sit upright, but also have the footrest up, will need this type of chair.
    • 2 Position chairs recline by 45 degrees only and have a single motor, requiring the backrest to recline to allow the footrest to slide out.
    • 3 Position chairs offer full recline capablity and have a single motor, requiring the backrest to recline to allow the footrest to slide out.

Size & Fit

Be sure to choose the right chair for your body size. This is very important because the larger the chair, the deeper the seat cushion. If the chair is too big your legs may not touch the floor when sitting straight up. A chair that’s too small may cause lower back pain.

Type of Covering

Modern power recliners offer plenty of choice as far as styles and fabrics, so you can achieve the look you want and match your existing interior. There are also functional considerations when it comes to fabric. Some fabrics include a moisture barrier that is important for some users.

Living Area

Measure the area in which the chair will be placed, taking note of how close to walls it will be. Models are available that can start against a wall and slide open forward. Standard models both slide out and backwards, which may be a problem in tight areas.

Advanced Features

Lift chairs come with many extra options. These include things such as heated seats, lift speed variations, vibrating seats and cup holders. Our home heath care experts can explain these options and help you find the right combination of features to suit your needs.