Rent Options

Folding walker, no wheels or skis
Folding walker, no wheels or skis

Standard Folding Walker

  • The standard walker.
  • no wheels or skis
  • rubber tips at the end of each leg.
  • perfect for those who need sturdy support while walking.
  • Good for short distance walks.
  • Perfect for indoor use.
  • Precise maneuverability around corners and obstacles.
  • Light weight and easy to lift and transport.
  • Recommended for indoor use only.
Folding walker with wheels & skis
Folding walker with wheels & skis

2-Wheeled Walker

  • Two Wheels, Two Skis.
  • Good for holding your weight up.
  • Offers enough stability similar to that of a Standard walker.
  • Less effort required to move around with.
  • Skis provide enough resistance to minimize the risk of slipping.
Bariatric 2-Wheeled Walker

Bariatric 2-Wheeled Walker

  • Entirely similar to a regular 2-Wheeled walker.
  • Designed to support heavier weight.
  • Can be used with rubber tips or skis(gliders).


  • Day: N/A

  • Week: $15.00

  • Month: $30.00