A cooling temperature evenly distributed along an injured/recovering part of the body. Usually requested pre-surgery (and used post-surgery) for people who need to keep the part of the body (usually the knee) at a cool temperature to numb the pain and properly aid recovery.


  • Day: N/A

  • Week: N/A

  • Month: $75.00

Additional Equipment

Cold Rush Device Pads

The cold rush device comes with a selection of pads for different parts on which they are intended to be used on. A few are the:

  • Hip
  • Knee,
  • Ankle,
  • Shoulder,
  • Back,
  • Hand.

NB: The pads are sold and not rented for sanitary purposes.

Sold at: $75.00 each

Bilateral Joiner

Also Available for rent.
~The Bilateral joiner, also known as the Y connector, also comes in handy if you need to cool off two parts of your body at the same time.
~Used mainly on both knees, placing two knee pads on, connected to the cold rush device via the y connector/bilateral joiner.

Available for rent at: $25.00